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About Shoraka Carpets

Shoraka Carpets Pvt. Ltd. founded in 1989 manufacturing Indian hand knotted carpets & rugs Collections. Designs are traditional and Modern and following collections are made :  

Traditional Designs Collection : Traditional designs like Ziegler, Sultanabad, Mahal, Oushak, Agra,Amritsar, Lori Buft, Classic Bidjar, Herati, American Sharouk, Sharouk Mir, Bakhtiar, Ghoum, Hamadan, Kazaks, Kashan, Kirman, Nain, Tabriz and Tabriz Mahi.

  • Modern Gabbeh Design Collection.

  • Approachability : Shoraka Carpets Pvt. Ltd. (Works/Warehouse) is situated adjoining New Delhi, making us easily approachable.

    In House Production : To ensure that the quality remains consistent throughout the production process, the company has vertically integrated each of the operations.

    This includes- Designing, purchasing of raw material, dyeing, weaving, washing and finishing.

    Myriad Designs : A Collection of over 300 designs to cater to varying tastes and Lifestyles.

    Eco-Friendly : All the raw material used in the production of our carpets comes from Natural, renewable and biodegradable resources.

    Customization : Shoraka has the knowledge, infrastructure and team to manufacture Custom made carpets/rugs as per market demand.

    Ready Stocks : We have an exclusive collection of 3000-4000 Sq. Mts. of Carpets in Traditional designs enabling a wide choice and immediate delivery.

    We grow as one Shoraka Carpets Pvt Ltd., since its inception, has invested in skills Training programme, which has generated employment opportunities for the villagers During the last three decades. We don’t only train and groom new weavers but also support them to earn a decent livelihood.

    Practical Benefits of Hand Knotted Woolen Carpets/Rugs

    Comfort : Hand knotted carpets provides soft cushioning surface which helps to create a warm, inviting environment. Carpets help to reduce fatigue for people who spend lots of time on feet.

    Psychological advantage : Colors and soft surface texture helps to establish an ambience of Ease and hospitality.

    Noise Insulation : Eliminate noise and has good sound absorption properties. Carpet do not Conduct heat and as such provide good thermal insulation and create a warmer feeling from The feet up.

    Safety advantage : Carpets have significant safety advantage. It reduces the hazard of slipping as well as the danger of being hurt in case of a fall.

    Flame resistant : Pure wool is flame resistant and inflammable.